Instruction manual

Please read the whole manual before using the Slubb Masturbator, the following instructions for use and safety will help you to enjoy our product.


Mount & get started. To be able to use the Slubb-Masturbator the way you want to, you should mount it on the drive unit. Please follow the diagram above.


Once slightly opened please. To guarantee optimal pleasure, use the Slubb-Masturbator with a silicon-based lubricant, no mineral oils or grease! The use of lubricant protects your skin and the rubber loop. To get started properly, take the previously set penis loop and insert your best piece there. Now switch on the machine in the lowest vibration level. Slowly and smoothly move the Slubb Masturbator from the tip of the glans over the shaft to the trunk and back again. If you have found a position that is particularly exciting, stay there for a moment and continue moving.


Safety Instructions

You should only use the Slubb-Masturbator as described here! It should not be used on irritated or injured skin >br>. The movement should be loose and evenly distributed from the top to the bottom of the shaft. Do not use the Slubb masturbator at too high a speed and do not twist the rubber unit too much. Also make sure that the testicles are outside the rubber unit.
The manufacturer's instructions and notes of the drive unit used must also be observed!

To get the most out of the Slubb-Masturbator, choose your personal size that best fits your stature in terms of diameter by adjusting the hole size. The seat should not be too tight, so that there is still enough room for the desired vibration and the danger of blood congestion is avoided.


Even if you like it dirty in bed - cleanliness is a must! Clean the Slubb-Masturbator before and after your vibration-
fun with a Toycleaner. To do so, spray the Toycleaner on the rubber unit and let it work for a short time. Take a
clean cloth and wipe the unit dry. Please make sure that no liquid gets into the plastic housing!
When your Slubb-Masturbator is cleaned and dry, you can use it again without hesitation.


And as always: The use of the article is at your own risk. No liability can be accepted for the contents of the instructions. The instructions are only tips for the use of the article and are not mandatory. Therefore, you as a user are fully responsible for all consequences resulting from the use or misuse of the article as shown above - of course we hope that this will not happen.