Slubb Masturbator

The world's first Sling-Rubb masturbator for real men.

Why the new Slubb Masturbator?

This worldwide unique Design is not to be guessed in its form as Sextoy, however caution, here comes "The wolf in the sheep's clothing".



"I think the Slubb is outstanding! Since I work as a dominatrix, I immediately recognized the advantages for me as an active person on the passive test person.
Through the novel vibration of the penis, testicles or the rest of the nerve tracts lying on the body, the respondent receives NEW stimuli. And it makes it easier for me to create impulses and to bring the test person to the goal/peak faster by using otherwise only 'simple manual operation'...
So TOP product, because was thought about and absolutely recommendable!"
"I like to use the Slubb in my sessions. Well dosed it is an orgasm guarantee. It is a lot of fun to see how I bring such a slave several times to cum. whether he wants or not".

Our Slubb masturbator is an attachment suitable for almost all common multifunction tools.

Due to its properties, it transmits vibrations oscillating and unfiltered with depth effect from the device to the male genitalia.

In the field of BDSM, the Slubb masturbator is becoming increasingly popular, as the Domina/Mistress is able to carry out her actions with the infinitely adjustable vibrations without the need for large MI can't do without you.

Due to its neutral appearance, the attachment cannot be recognized as a masturbator and can therefore be regarded as neutral for its surroundings.

The world's only size-adjustable penis loop for a multifunctional tool is unparalleled in BDSM due to its vibration transmission.

Prepared with a silicone lubricant, the powerful vibrations up to the climax are a great pleasure. Guaranteed.

Features & Benefits

Volle Übertragung der Vibration

Full transmission of vibration

Robustes Erscheinungsbild

Robust appearance

Verwendbar auf den meisten Multifunktions- werkzeugen

Can be used on most multifunctional tools

Volle Orgasmuskontrolle

Full orgasm control

Vibrationen mit Tiefenwirkung

Vibrations with depth effect

Einzigartiges Design

Unique design

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