The most powerful vibrator for men with breathtaking performance

"You can trust us, he really just wants to play"

Das neue Sextool für Männer vereint Maschinen-Power

The new sextool for men combines machine power & masturbator for the ultimate experience.

Innovative strap

The innovative, size-adjustable strap provides highlights in the highest class


Designed and handmade in Germany

Slubb Maschine


Fine oscillating vibrations with depth effect provide highly intensive stimulations, which are steplessly adjustable. From gentle massage to "maltreatment".


The Slubb® attachment can be used on almost all* common multifunctional tools

Slubb ® Attachment

- Designed and handmade in Germany
- Desire without symptoms of fatigue
- Discreet and inconspicuous
- Stimulations to be used specifically
- Outstandingly suitable in BDSM
- endurance training
- Sets new stimuli
- Continuously adjustable
- Many possible applications (also e.g. nipples, anal plug, soles of the feet and much more)


"You can trust us, he really just wants to play"

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*Please check the recording on the existing device. Not to be used with Fein SuperCut.

*colours may differ from the original

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